The Incredible Hulk

Hulk The Incredible Hulk also known as Robert Bruce Banner is the biggest of The Avengers and another amazing fictional superhero by the Marvel Comic Universe.
The green character first appeared in 1962, The Incredible Hulk, the comic, until in 2003 Marvel made the first film.

Previously a scientist in Dayton Ohio, he was unfortunately caught in an immense explosion of gamma radiation, this caused the scientist to transform into a green giant with huge strength named Hulk, which conserve a bit of Banner’s memory.
Originally in the comics, his transformation happens automatically at sunset and it stops at dawn, then it changed into a matter of amount of adrenaline in his body – so whenever Robert was too excited or too angry he would transform into Hulk, then when he had calmed down he would revert back to his human form.

Whenever Robert transforms from his real form to the Hulk form, we can see his muscles expanding and his shirt ripping, that is why when he transforms from Hulk to human he is found naked, because all his clothing were ripped off. Imagine his clothing bill?

At first Hulk was seen as a monster and villain and he was hunted down by the government forces, but eventually Hulk had learned how to control himself in his monster form and control his adrenaline levels by doing Yoga.
One of his major achievement was defeating an alien super villain known as the metal master; he is also part of The Avengers team. He has received a presidential pardon and has become accepted by American society.
There are many flash games dedicated to the Incredible Hulk which can be played online, in these flash games you control the character Hulk fighting his opponents. The games are really fun to play and are played with millions of people around the world every day.

Now you will be able to see more of his adventures in The Avengers, although some fans think that he should had have a sequel of the film in 2008 before.

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