Nick Fury

Nick Fury Nick fury (Samuel L. Jackson) is, along with Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), the only one from The Avengers that never appeared before in a Marvel film, so apart from the little scene that starring at Captain America the First Avenger, just at the end, we do not know much about the past of this hero that Marvel and Disney will want to give him in their movies.
In other hands we know about what he was doing in the comic, and although it will have a lot of similarities, they normally change some little things to adapt it to the big screen.
His full name is Colonel Nicholas Joseph Fury, son of World War 1 pilot Jack Fury, became a truly hero in the Second War World after taking numerous missions in Europe. He was born a natural leader that gained him the rank of Colonel in the army, also leading the US Rangers “First Attack Squad” known as The Howling Commandos, after he fought the Nazis on 1941. This group starting working together with Captain America and Bucky, where in one mission Nick Fury was injured in the left eye by a grenade, until Professor Berthold Sternberg geve him the formula that keep him alive, although he needed to take regular injections.

Recently Fury become the director of S.H.I.E.L.D, equipped with the latest technologies supported by Tony Star(Iron Man), then, along with Captain America, who suffered an accident and was recovered from suspended animation (In the comics Nick Fury and Captain America knew each other before the accident), started recruiting Howlers to the organization.
Norman Osborn built his own agency HAMMER, after taking over the Skrulls, and Fury keep his warriors in secret to combat the worst villain organization.

Another Marvel hi budget movie is planned to be release on 2014 based on the character Nick Fury.

Not many Nick Fury Game have been developed so far, although there are some. However we are hopping that with in the next few years a lot of new Fury Games will be release, and we will be here to bring you the free ones.