Captain America

Captain AmericaCaptain America appeared for the first time in 1941, member of The Avenger and which comic books has been sold more than 210 million copies.
His real name is Steven “Steve” Rogers, a hero in the eye of every Marvel fan and a great example of what a superhero and a brave soldier represents.

He is the symbol of freedom, bravery, hard worker and a natural leader in the battlefield. Losing both of his parents as a child Steve Rogers has had a tough life from the very moment he was born, he never experienced proper family life as his father was an alcoholic and he did not see his mother because she was always busy, from a very early age Steve had to look after himself and look at life right in the eye.
Failing his first army entrance test Steve was even more determined to fight for his country and enlist in the army, he joined an operation called Rebirth, this operation would enable him to be physically fit to enter the army via the of “Super soldier Serum” where vita-rays entered his body and chemically made him stronger, faster and almost invincible turning him into the ultimate super-hero that he is now. Since the experiment he has been a very brave warrior overcoming many battles, and successful missions for his country.
Captain America represents the belief that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.
The Film, Captain America the First Avenger end up with his victory over the Nazi villain Red Skull.
In the comic, the adventures of the Captain America, are hundreds, and will encounter numerous friends as Hulk, Iron Man or Nick Fury and Villains as Red Skulk, Morgan Le Fay, in a medieval world, or the Sensational Hydra.

Now there are many Captain America games after the film (2011), and we hope there will be even more over the next years.

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