HawkeyeHawkeye is the master archer of The Avengers. His real name is Clinton Francis “Clint” Barton, with his flashy purple and blue outfit and his destructive shiny bow and arrows, he is truly a man to be feared, there is no surprise that he has a criminal record although he has been pardoned.
He appeared on the comics on 1964 and will be on the Big Screen with the release of The Avengers.

The little details we know about his life is that he joined a circus with his brother after ran away from home, where he trained with bows and arrows.
Was his brother firstly the one who joined S.H.I.E.L.D. and named himself Hawkeye, although he died at the beginning of the war against the mutant-human.

Clint after leave the circus and find out what happen with his brother, went up to take revenge with the mutant oppressors. That is how he end up in Luke Cage’s underworld organization in Hell’s Kitchen.

One day, inspired by the sight of Iron Man saving the life of many people, he wanted to become a superhero and put his archery skills into good hearted use. However this didn’t go down very well as he was mistaken by the police for a evil criminal, hunted down and arrested which is how he got his criminal record. Shortly after having been seduced by Black Widow, he believed it was in his benefit to defeat Iron Man, he tried on a couple of occasions and failed. After save Edwin Jarvis this one invited him to the mansion of The Avengers where he was sponsored by his enemy Iron Man, and leaded by Captain America and along with a few others he joined the team after having proven his ability‚Äôs to Iron Man, and has been a successful superhero ever since then.
May other adventures followed on the comics, but for the moment we wait for the simplified version of the film.
Now you can test your skills playing Hawkeye Games. Training with his bow and living lots of advetures. Moire Hawkeye games will be release after the film.