Black Widow

Black WidowBlack widow, commonly known as a very dangerous spider, is the name of this Marvel Heroine and the girl of The Avengers.
With her attractive figure and her sexy black outfit she is the most lethal spy, named Natasha Romanova. Her first appearance on the cinemas was on Iron Man 2 in 2010, although the she first appeared on Marvel comics was in 1964.

On the comics she was born on 1928, she was first discovered at an early age saved from a building that was on fire by an old soviet soldier. Since then she has been trained by the Soviet Intelligence team and has been brought up to be a top-class spy!

Her life on the comics is full of adventures that took her to marry Alexi Shostakov, participate on the Black Widow Program and fight against numerous enemies and villains. She also had worked with a lot of people, teams and organizations through her career and almost an evil ninja named the Hand, brainwashed her, but fortunately Logan, Captain America and Ivan saved her.

She worked occasionally with S.H.I.E.L.D., the organization that will became more known with the new film The Avengers.

On the Movies Marvel is changing slightly the stories and past of the heroes , so we will have to wait until The Avengers and Black Widow the film to actually find out what will be the past assigned to our heroine.
There are some Black Widow games out there, and here you can play some for free, although we expecting new Black Widows games in the next few years.