Hulk Punch Thor

Hulk Punch Thor

Hulk Punching Thor

Here it comes a new Avengers Game. Hulk Punch Thor is a fan made game that tries to parody a moment in the movie the Avengers, when our green giant punches his colleague Thor and send him away off the screen.

This time you, controlling Hulk, will set up the power and angle of the punch, so you can send Thor miles away. As you fly with Thor you can collect coins, as well as interact with several objects and monsters. Thor also has a Thunder Boost Power that can use while flying to re-launch him again in to the skies.

It is funny see how Thor flies hitting everything in his way.

Buy different objects to rise Hulk Power, Upgrade Thor Armour or buy extra Thunder Boost with the coins you collect on each launch.

Have fun and beat your own record playing this game.

Thor Fly

Use your mouse and click in the right time to set up the Strength and Angle meeter.
Click while Flying with Thor to use the Thunder Boost Power. (If Available)

Thanks Marvel for that great movie. The Avengers.