Loki Laufeyson is the super villain from the film The Avengers, based on the mythological character which first appearance on Marvel Comics was on 1949.

Original from the Realm of Asgard is one of the most powerful beings, adopted by Odin into his own family after the war between the Asgardians and the frost giants and raised as Thor’s brother.

In his childhood could see how his father and the Asgardians favoured the great Thor, and since Odin announced that Mjolnir, the great hammer and its power, was going to be offered as a present to Thor, Loki prepared in secret the way of making Mjolnirā€™s power his own.
Thor and Loki, since they were kids, were competing against each other, for the love of Sif an Asgardian Swordmaiden, for the love of his father, for power, and as teenagers were immerse in several adventures were Loki tried to be always over his brother.

As Loki was growing he become more arrogant, until Odin sent him to jail, where he was supposed to learn from his actions, but fed up with Asgard Loki used his Magic to escape and met Eldred who helped him on his training of the black arts. After betrayed Eldred and offered his soul to the fire demon Sutur, Loki got the ownership of his lands and minions.

His entry into black magic and study of the arts of sorcery has given him the title of “god of evil”, and after lots of adventures including several attempts claiming his father’s throne of Asgard, he is considered now the most terrible and powerful villain.

All these stories come from the comic, but in the film the things simplify a bit, where you can see his origins in the film Thor (2011), and you will be able to see all his power as a proper villain within the release of The Avengers.

Loki is still one of the main evil characters from most of The Avengers Games.