Stark Tower Defense

This is a tower defenceĀ  game where the Avengers are in charge of defending a zone. A military army is trying to trespass the city in order to get to the base, and you will be there to stop it.

The characters are: Spiderman, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Thor, Cyclops, Dr. Doom, Modok and Moleman.Stak Tower Defense

You have to strategically place these characters at the ceiling of the buildings to build up the defence. But each character has a different ability, so you should try them and put the most adequate for each situation. Once the hero is setted in place you can upgrade their abilities after you’ve earned some money hiting soldiers.

Stak Tower Defense Iron ManStak Tower Defense Thor












Take into account that the soldiers will come from different points in order to cross the city, thus, you must quickly spread to other parts and improve your character’s skills working as a whole unit. Are you ready to manange all these?


Use your mouse for everything. Drag and Drop the characters in their position, buying upgrades, etc…