Iron Man 2

Prepare yourself for the game of the movie Iron Man 2 and help our hero to reach to the end of each level avoiding the hazards that you will find on your way.

You will have to put to test Iron Man flying skills to reach the highest score.Iron Man 2

Iron Man will find different obstacles to avoid like some kind of crushing machines and torches that will make huge damage if they touch you.

At the same time, you have to destroy the small robots flying around.
There are some icons that you can collect to charge up the special weapon or to heal you.
There are some unlocked items: Iron Man (score of 50,000), War Machine (score of 75,000) and a Whiplash (score bigger than 100,000 and more than 15 icons collected in one game).Iron Man 2



Mouse: Move Iron Man
Mouse left button: Shoot
Space Bar: Special
C: Special Weapon