Hulk Planet Gladiator

Hulk Planet Gladiator is an action game, where you will play as Hulk in a new world fighting your way through as a gladiator.

To complete each level, you have to resist in the arena and defeat all your opponents, that in some cases are coming in groups.

Focus on every opponent, and prepare to kick, punch, defend or use the weapon, while you jump, smash down and move around.

There are two game modes (story or battle mode) with two types of difficulties (normal or epic).Planet Hulk Gladiator

You can also choose the character’s appearance, choosing  Hulk’s outfit like a proper gladiator: Make him wear any gear, helmet, armor and weapon that you think will fit him.


Planet Hulk Gladiator

X: Main Attack
Z: Kick
C: Block
Space Bar: Jump
X + Space Bar: Air Attack
Z + Space Bar: Air Kick
Shift: Smash
V: Shield (Only with the heavy armor)