Hulk Bad Altitude

Hulk Bad Altitude is a fun game where our hero has to make very big jumps over the flying robots on the sky smashing them on the way.

In the air Hulk can keep jumping over the robots to build combos and get higher.Hulk Bad Altitude

The Robots are constantly moving, thus, the two factors that you have to be aware of are: the jump drive and the orientation at falling. And these are controlled with the mouse. You can make use of the map which is located in the screen corner because it’ll be very useful finding the robots when you go down.
You will gain higher points as the jump lasts longer.Hulk Bad Altitude

There are two playing modes: Arcade Mode (which is timed) and challenge mode (scores the number of robots you smash in a single jump).

Mouse: Move Hulk.
Mouse Left Button: Hold and release to jump.