Hawkeye – Adventure Defence

Hawkeye - Adventure DefenceGet ready for this Hawkeye game and help your hero to defend the base from multiple enemies that are trying to destroy it.

So, now is your turn to learn how to use the arrows; you have up to three different arrows, “Normal Arrow” which will inflict normal damage, “Ice Arrow” that will slow down enemies and “Fire Arrow” which will kill enemies instantly.
Hold the three of them when they are ready and get the maximum strength.

You also have 3 special powers, a single or a double “rain of arrows”

Defend your base in three different worlds with their own boss. Finish one level to unlock the next one, and so on until you get to the final stage, and defeat all bosses.

Also you will be able to play a survival mode where you can fight until you ca, holding your position and fighting for the highest score.


Hawkeye games Controls:

Arrow Keys: Move Hawkeye.
Z: Normal Arrow
X: Ice Arrow.
C: Fire Arrow.
V: Ship attack.

J: Ship.
H: Hawkeye.

1: Strength UP.
0: Strength Down.